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There is nothing like the warmth, atmosphere or energy-reliance of a gas fireplace or stove.

However, did you know that your gas stove or fireplace requires yearly servicing to keep it clean and running safely and to prevent carbon monoxyde (CO)? This is about your own safety.

Why is professional cleaning important?

When the air and fuel mixture is perfect, you get a nice coloured flame, maximum heat and no carbon monoxide (CO). However, after a winter of burning, decorative logs and glowing embers start to break down and clog the air and fuel inlets; moreover, dust, insect and pet hair buildup add to the problem.

The fireplace or stove window darkens like a car tinted window. A dirty window is the first warning sign to a potential problem.

Indeed, fireplace and stove manufacturers recommend yearly cleaning, and it is a must for your insurance company.

For expert service at a very competitive price, trust SheenClean Fireplaces and your fireplace or stove will look like a new one and will be safe to use.

SheenClean is the promise of Old fashion service with a smile!

Why SheenClean?

For experience, expertise and matchless service at a great price.

I have been installing and servicing gas fireplaces and stoves from brands such as VALOR, Regency, Enerzone and other renowned brands for the last 15 years. I know them in and out.

Only one stop for service, and the sale of parts and accessories. I can provide everything to keep your fireplace burning smoothly and looking great.

Following is how I will service your stove or fireplace:

I remove all the burners, logs, embers, etc., and clean them;

I inspect and clean the air shutter, thermocouple and thermopile;

I take a voltage reading and check gas pressure;

I inspect the fan and vent;

I clean the window and fireplace;

I reassemble and then conduct a fire test;

I compare burn results with the ones from previous years.

SheenClean is registered with T.S.S.A (Technical Safety Standards Authority) and insured in both provinces.

SheenClean services Quebec and Ontario, in the Pontiac and the Ottawa Valley: Shawville, Pembroke, Petawawa, Chalk River, Deep River, Arnprior, Calabogie, Renfrew, Cobden, Westmeath, Beachburg, Barry's Bay, Golden Lake, Douglas and all areas in between.

If you own a gas fireplace or stove in the Pontiac or the Valley, I probably installed it!

Call me for service you can rely on at 819.689.5006 (Quebec)


613.732.0540 (Ontario).